"Our shared and collective approach focuses not only on creating substantial solutions in the present day, but also creating the precise and necessary solutions for the future."

FKB Consulting exists to build and design structures and buildings that transform ideas into reality. We aim to construct efficiently and give clients the best value of the project within their budget. We also exist for our employees and their family's welfare.




FKB being established recently has been extending necessary techinical support and required engineering for the projects undertaken by JCM Corporation.
Also FKB has its own in-house projects of Echbelia, Al Hamra Residential Building and Etc. With the current staff will be able to support and do necessary follow up for BIM Services provided by Associate Company based in India. Moreover, FKB is willing to recruit required addittional techinical staff.
We give the assurance that each project is engineered and studied meticulously for business planning. Thus, making every square inch of the project functional and fully maximized for optimum investment. In this way, we deliver results that benefit both property owners and investors. Our reputation is built on providing excellence in designing and developing structures that deliver sustainable and flawless urban design while maintaining cost effectively.

FKB is the consulting firm of choice, built on the foundation of a persistent quest of delivering services at the highest level of professionalism.